Title: Audio Precision

Our debut LP released on Compact Disc
Release Date: November 16, 2004 on *Heat Beat* Records

5V Logic
John Kennedy (4.1 MB)

The Wedding Song
(5.5 MB)
Out Tonight
Go Home & Die
Secret Kiss
I Have to Stop

(6.9 MB)
Get Over It (7.7MB)
Like A Dream
Portable One




Title: Portable One

An EP released on Compact Disc
Release Date: February 15, 2000 on *Heat Beat* Records

Paris (5MB)
I'm the One (4MB)

With Whom to Dance
*Heat Beat*
Evil Suffer & God (6.7MB)
A Thermo-Neural Netwerk




Title: Leaves & Philosophies / Communion

A single released on 7" SWIRLY Vinyl
Release Date: 1997 on *Heat Beat* Records

Girl Side: Leaves & Philosophies
Boy Side: Communion




Compilations Featuring Cookie Galore

"I'm The One"
Featured on Eskimo Kiss Records 2001 Compilation

"Future Thing"
Featured on Moe's Triple Bypass - WHRW Binghamton 1998 Compilation

"With Whom to Dance"
Featured on Verfrumdungseffkt: The Songs of Stephin Merritt
Buttmunch Records release BUTFMA001 1998


All songs © *Heat Beat* Records, All Rights Reserved