Cliff Dogg



Born May 16, 1976 to Filipino parents, raised and resides in Spring Valley, NY

Influences & Idols: Bjork, Donnie Darko, Forrest Gump, Harmony Korine, Emmanuel Lacaba, Neo, Arthur Rimbaud

On Heavy Rotation: streaming Natefrogg, Headnoise, Paul Wilbur, Firefly

In His Own Words: "Haleluja Yo!" click here for more words of wisdom

Alter Ego: pOr PnOI-san, poet, playwright, and Generation Sackcloth soulja

Mutant Power:

Used to want/to read/people's minds/(especially, my bandmates), but/Professor Xavier never had/a steady girlfriend to chill with; besides,/Professor X was in a wheelchair/and it would suck if/I couldn't dance;/and from personal experience,/teaching emotionally-challenged kids/(especially,/my bandmates) makes me sad sometimes   However, I do/consider myself/a part of tha Mentally Elite:/with my unibomber/eyeglasses, I have to/place them on my head/so as not to incinerate or be tempted;/like Cyclops,/I suppose, who can/"unleash powerful 'optic blasts'/of ruby colored kinetic energy/from his eyes..." I'm blind as a bat/without them (my bandmates:)



cliff.rivera.mutant.mama's.boy.junglizt.chainsmoker.schizophrenic.pancit.addict.hungry. work-in-progress...


More words . . .

Hallelujah, Yo!
“The wind blows wherever it pleases.” Word?
The scene is played out. We need some Eden!
Were G-d the DJ, He’d spin hymns to
Slay. A hybrid of Gospel Blues Wagner
Kundimans and Jungle for a camouflaged choir.
Strobe lights bounce off converted monks,
now Punks, who don’t give a sheite what color
They dye their hair. Who cares? Graffiti overflows
Wall to wall, inspired by The Sistine Chapel;
Tattoo artists perform miracles, I share
A bottle of Mountain Dew with my bro,
While Bhangra beats lull homeless ravers too
Tired from the blessed breakdance.
Elders with glowsticks trade skateboard stickers
And croon at vintage clothes the Salvation
Army’s donated. Just nudge me, aight? You can
Hock my Mp3 Player, cell-phone, knapsack, shades.
I wanna go where the sun rises best. Shalom.