Johnny Galore


Vocals, guitar, synthesizer, electronics programming

Born March 26, 1975 in Yonkers, NY ; resides in Yonkers, NY.

Influences & Idols: New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Morrissey, The Smiths, The Cure

On Heavy Rotation: KEXP, WXDU, WOXY, WHRW, Radio 1

In His Own Words: "We gotta get this damn record done!"

Alter Ego: John Pisani, Electro Harmonix engineer

Mutant Power: Can control any electrical circuit or signal at will.


Musical Background

John's taste in music as a child was influenced by his two older siblings. The first LP that graced his record player was by The Beatles. While other kids rocked out to hair metal during the 80's, Johnny listened to Led Zeppelin and INXS.

From a young age, John knew he wanted to be in a band. In 8th grade, he picked up a guitar, but instead of plugging in, John studied classical guitar.

In 9th grade, he started The Excuse with some friends, playing mostly covers and a few originals. Their repertoire included the likes of U2, REM and classic rock standards. In high school, The Excuse managed to cut a studio recording and play their fair share of local bars. When the band went away to college, they split up but remained best friends.

While away at school, John began dabbling in electronic music at the campus MIDI studio. He spent his school holidays recording on his 4 track at home. When he graduated and started working as an electrical engineer for Eventide, he fully indulged his fascination with electronic music and built up his glorious studio, employing every conceivable facet of electronic gadget. Thanks to a job at Electro Harmonix, and a hearty e-bay addiction, he built up his extensive collection of effects boxes. With a full arsenal of equipment, his musical horizons were endless.